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Fittest Soldier in the World – Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

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(“Miss Hollywood” by Carbon Leaf) – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s
Steve from NerdFitness. Today I wanna take you through a beginner body weight circuit
workout using nothing but your body weight and anything
that you have in your house. I know a lot of you guys
don’t have gym memberships but you still wanna burn
fat and build some muscle so I wanna put together
a quick routine for ya to show you how that can be done. It’s gonna be a body
weight circuit so I’m gonna take you through five exercises.

You can do each of these one at a time, in a row, without stopping. First exercise is 20 body weight squats, so you’re gonna get in a
shoulder width position, stick your ass way back,
you’re gonna drop down, until your thighs are about
parallel to the ground, and come right back up, that’s one. Two, stick your hands out
if it’s gonna give you more balance, come back
up, you wanna make things more difficult, you can put
your hands behind your head, it’s called a prisoner’s squat, or you can put your
hands way above your head like you’re gettin’ held up at gunpoint, you go down, that makes
it even more difficult, you’re gonna do 20 of those.

Soon as you’re done with that, you’re gonna go straight into 10 push ups. Plank up in the air, all the
way down, all the way back up. If you can’t do push ups yet,
you can get down on your knees that’s fine, do your push ups
that way, aim for 10 of those. After you’ve done 10 of those, you’re gonna do 20 walking lunges. Set, you’re gonna put
your hands on your hips, take a step forward with your right foot, drop all the way down
just before your knee touched the ground, push
yourself back up, that’s one.

Back down with the other foot, that’s two. Gonna go all the way up to 20, same thing if you wanna
make this more difficult, put your hands behind your head, when you get to the bottom,
twist the same direction where you were, with the foot
that you stepped out with. After you’re done with
your body weight lunges, you’re gonna move into
what’s called a dumbbell row. If you have dumbbells at home, great. If you don’t have any
dumbbells, you can use a paint can, or what I’m
using here is actually a jug of milk, you can fill it up with sand, fill it up with water,
whatever you gotta do.

But so what you’re gonna do
is, I put two chairs together, but you’re gonna get
down, put your right knee and your right hand on a
chair, pick the weight up in your left hand, and pull
straight back and up with it. That’s one, you’re gonna
do 10 for your left arm, then switch it around,
then you’re gonna do 10, same thing with your right arm, make sure you’re pulling straight up, obviously a milk jug is not that heavy, so you don’t have a weight,
y’know, fill it up with sand, concrete, whatever the hell you gotta do, find something that’s heavy,
find a way to pick it up with your arms, it’s really that simple.

After you finish with a barbell row, or I’m sorry, the dumbbell row, you’re gonna do what’s called a plank. Plank is you’re gonna
get down on the ground, get on your elbows and your toes, put your ass up in the
air, and you’re gonna form a straight line with your
body, keep your abs tight, your body in a straight
line, and hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds depending
on how long you can go, if 30 seconds is too easy, go to 60, if 15 is too tough, go as far
as you can without stopping. After you’re done with
that, I want you to do 30 jumping jacks, and that’s
the end of your first circuit.

You finish up the circuit,
grab a quick bit of water, and go through the circuit two more times, but you gotta do it all without stopping. If any of these exercises are too easy, you could up the number of repetitions, or you could add weight to
make it even more difficult. If this is too easy
for ya, keep an eye out for the advanced body weight
circuit workout coming as well. That’s it guys, thanks for listening, we’ll get ya next time! (“Miss Hollywood” by Carbon Leaf)

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